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Volleyball Classes

Volleyball Classes
LIttle Spikers (Ages 6-8)

Let’s get to spikin! These classes are a great introduction to volleyball and leadership skills. Little Spikers will provide volleyball focused movements, fun, teamwork and more!

Beginners (Ages 9-10)

Improve your volleyball knowledge! These classes are a great way to learn the game of volleyball with minimal experience. These classes will help athletes learn teamwork, positional skills, and technique.

Intermediate (ages 11-12)

Play the game you love! These classes are a great way to develop the athlete’s knowledge of volleyball. Intermediate classes will help athletes learn positional skills and overall knowledge of volleyball. 

Advanced (Ages 13 & up)

Be prepared for high school tryouts! These classes are a great way to master the game of volleyball. Advance classes are a great way to master your positional skills, technique, and confidence. These classes are made for athletes with volleyball knowledge and skill.  

Rec Plus (Ages 13 & up)

Are you 13 years old and wanting to improve your game of volleyball? These classes are meant for you! Rec plus classes will help young athletes learn teamwork, positional skills, and fundamentals!

volleyball Camps & clinics

Club Volleyball Colorado
Camps & Clinics

Come join us in our Volleyball Camps & Clinics to learn more about the fundamentals or more specific trainings within the sport of Volleyball! Dates and times will be available

Rules for the courts


  • Please make sure the only liquid on the court is water in a secured bottle.
  • For open gyms please make sure to write your name on the white board for next game. Please keep game play to 30 mins to allow other players to join.
  • No gum
  • Please do not throw balls at undesignated walls.
  • Balls may be checked out at the front desk with ID or other collateral item.
  • Friendly competition is welcome.
  • Foul Language, “trash talking,” taunting and verbal intimidation will not be tolerated. Gross misconduct, fighting, reckless play or willful destruction of property may result in immediate and/or extended loss of facility privileges and, if appropriate, further disciplinary, or legal action.
  • Any player hanging on the rim will be asked to leave the facility without refund. No dunking, no exceptions.
Drop off/ Pick up information

We request that parents or guardians accompany their athletes to and from the building for classes, leagues, clinics, and camps. This request is for your child’s safety. All athletes are to remain inside the building with staff until an adult arrives to pick them up. We feel that the presence of parents at pickup and drop off ensures the children’s safety.

    Class Policy

    It is our policy that participants arrive on time to class and do not leave until class is finished. Parents are not allowed in the gym during class. This policy is in the place for the concentration of the coaches as well as the participants, and it allows us to run safe classes with minimal distractions. If you have a concern with something that is happening during class, please contact our Program Manager, Sydney Ottosen at Sydney@AchieveSports.com.

      Missed Classes

      We do not offer make-ups for missed classes. Enrollment in our Recreation Program is with the understanding that you are paying for the spot in your child’s specific class and not the number of days attended during the session. It is difficult to have make-ups with limited staff and classes. Achieve Sports Center will not prorate the session for any missed classes.

      Dress Code
      • Wear form fitting shirts and shorts.
      • Do not wear jeans/jean shorts.
      • No excessive jewelry.
      • Do not wear clothes with buttons, snaps, or zippers.
      • Wear tennis shoes.