Team Structure & Philosophy

At Achieve Gymnastics, we believe every child who wants to be a part of gymnastics can and should have that opportunity. We often say we have three types of Team Gymnasts. The Casual Gymnast, The Recreational Gymnast, and the Competitive Gymnast. Of course, they all compete, but they are part of our program for different reasons and often are looking for different things. And at Achieve Gymnastics, that is OK!

The Casual Gymnast might be here because Mom or Dad want them in an activity. They tend to like gymnastics, but like other sports as well. They come to be part of something fun and be with their friends, but being the best gymnast is not what motivates them.

Our Recreational Gymnasts are a little more interested in gymnastics. They have other interests besides gymnastics, but they want to improve and progress through our program. This gymnast gains so much from our program learning to balance various activities and challenges at school and home with confidence and positive self esteem.

Those that are on a Competitive Gymnast track come to extra practices during the week and are focused on improving and advancing as a gymnast. They love the sport and work hard to get better. These girls often go on to be great high school gymnasts.

We value the girls in our program no matter what their reasons are for being here. Each participant is important to us and is given the same amount of attention. We want everyone at Achieve Gymnastics to realize and reach their potential, and we strive to help each girl on her individual journey. In our many years of experience working with children in schools, gymnastics and other sports settings, we have developed a structure and philosophy for our team program that is based on consistency, high expectations, inclusion, and fun.

Our staff has worked with athletes and competed at very high levels throughout the nation and in Colorado including CGL, USA, High School, and Collegiate Gymnastics. We each see the tremendous value in this league and the incredible growth and development it affords our athletes in being part of this team. CGL (Colorado Gymnastics League) provides competition with less pressure. Every girl participates and no team scores are kept, so self improvement and reaching personal goals is the mark of success. With this format, every gymnast is a winner.

While they improve as athletes, it is the growth in their character and their ability to face the challenges and obstacles that life brings which we take the greatest pride in. We believe that being part of Achieve Gymnastics and our competitive team is one of the most enriching experiences a young lady can have, and as attested to by our many past participants, things they learn with us will benefit them throughout their lives.