Camps & clinics

soccer Classes

5 & Under Recreation Classes

Our 5 & under soccer classes are recreational classes that are offered once a week for an 8-week session for both boys and girls. This class offers a fun and safe way to learn the basics of Soccer in a 1-hour class. Come join us and shoot for the stars in one of our Achieve Soccer classes! 

6-12 Recreation Classes

Our recreational Soccer classes are once a week for 8 weeks. The program is intended for players of all ability levels ages 6-12 years old for both boys and girls classes. We welcome new participants to the game or those who are just looking to have fun and be challenged in the game of Soccer! Come join us for some soccer fun!

13 & Up Recreation Classes

Here at Achieve, we offer two different Soccer classes for ages 13 & Older. Whether your son or daughter is new to the sport or getting ready for the high school level and want to prep themselves with extra reps/touches on the ball, we offer both options here at Achieve! Come join us to learn the game Soccer or get ready for the high school season! These classes are a 1 hour-long class for 8 weeks. 

soccer camps & clinics

Camps & CLinics

The weather may be gloomy now, but indoor Soccer is going strong! Beat the cold and join us inside with fun and challenging indoor play! Come join us in our Soccer Camps & Clinics to learn more about the fundamentals or more specific trainings within the sport of Soccer! Dates and times will be available

Class Policy & Dress Code

It is our policy that participants arrive on time to class and do not leave until class is finished. Parents are not allowed on the turf fields during class. This policy is in place for the concentration of the coaches as well as the participants, and it allows us to run safe classes with minimal distractions. If you have a concern with something that is happening during class, please contact our Program Manager, Kelsey Vreeman at

Dress Code: All athletes must wear tennis shoes. Cleats are not meant to be worn on the turf. Have your athlete take out all jewelry prior to their practice starting.

Missed Classes

We do not offer make-ups for missed classes. Enrollment in our Recreation Program is with the understanding that you are paying for the spot in your child’s specific class and not the number of days attended during the session. It is difficult to have make-ups with limited staff and classes. Achieve Sports Center will not prorate the session for any missed classes.

turf rules

  • No food or drink on the turf. Please keep all food and beverages in the waiting area, lobby or in cubbies.
  • Children under the age of 5 should be accompanied by an adult or a coach for open turf.
  • Non-sanctioned practices are not allowed.
  • No gum.
  • Please do not throw balls at undesignated walls.
  • Balls may be checked out at the front desk with ID or other collateral item.
  • Friendly competition is welcome.
  • Foul Language, taunting and verbal intimidation is not tolerated. Gross misconduct, fighting, reckless play or destruction of property may result in immediate and/or extended loss of facility privileges and, if appropriate, further disciplinary, or legal action.
  • Please do not drag nets and other equipment on the turf grass.
  • No climbing or hanging on the nets.
  • No climbing on the upstairs railing.