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pickleball Classes

Club Volleyball Colorado

Beginner PickleBall (Ages 6 & Older)

Pickleball is in! Come and learn the game of pickleball. Coed levels 0-2.5. Everyone, aged 6 and older, wanting to learn the game is welcome! This class has a 8:1 ratio of athletes to instructors.

ntermediate PickleBall (Ages 6 & Older)

Pickleball is picking up, come join the excitement. Achieve offers co-ed pickleball for players with a skill level of 3.0-5.0. Everyone aged 6 and older is welcome! This class has a 8:1 ratio of athletes to instructors.

Recreation Class Registration

Recreation class registration can be done at our front desk, or over the phone or online. We offer 6 8-week sessions a year with priority registration given to participants in their current class.


Our Recreation Newsletters are filled with important information and events happenings in our recreation class program. Look for important dates, announcements, and events each session!

pickleball Open Gym

Come play the game you love! Whether you want to practice or build your pickleball community, open gym is a great place for you!

Summer Pickleball

Clinics + Open Gym

Tuesday Night Clinics + Open Gym

Learn and perfect your skills in our pickleball clinics and then test out your newly learned skills at our pickleball open gyms!

When: Tuesday Nights – Clinics will run from 6-7pm and Open Gym will follow afterwards from 7-9pm.

Clinic Focuses:

Date Clinic Focus Skill Details
July 16th Shot Drop The third shot drop is a shot performed at or near the baseline that lands softly in the opponent’s kitchen. The shot is designed with mostly one thing in mind: to get your team to the net.
July 30th Blocking Blocking refers to intercepting a hard-hit ball with your paddle to deflect it back to your opponent before it can bounce. The objective is to simply block the ball back, not try to hit a winning shot. Blocking requires quick reflexes, solid footwork, and proper paddle control.
August 13th Serving The purpose of the serve (at the developing levels) is simply to place the ball in play and is not intended as an offensive weapon. The serve must be hit with an underhand stroke so that contact with the ball is made below the waist.

Ages: 18 & Older

Cost: $25 (Includes clinic & open gym)


pickleball League

Play Pickleball Denver CO

Achieve’s Coed Spring Pickleball League

Pickleball League on Thursday nights at Achieve Sports! This is not your ordinary pickleball league: there are larger teams and rotational games. The Achieve format is designed for those that are new to sport or looking for a social playing environment! Contact the Front Desk for more information or to get enrolled.

Dates: March 7, 2024 – April 25, 2024

Ages: 18 & Older

Cost: $85 per individual

Skill level: 3.0-3.5


Pickleball League

2 players make a complete team.

1 match each night, up to 30 minutes.

Matches are best 2 out of 3 games, first to 11 points win by 2. *If teams are in the 3rd set when time expires, the team with the most points wins the set. Matches can end in a tie.


Registration Includes:

  • T-Shirt
  • 8 weeks of play including a week for playoffs

Playoffs: We will accommodate as many teams as possible in the playoffs with a single elimination bracket.

Schedule: Depending on the number of teams it’s possible for teams to have doubleheaders. Schedule will be made weekly depending on play.



Our policies and procedures are in place for the safety, benefit and enjoyment of all participants and their families at Achieve. Please familiarize yourself with these to help make Achieve Sports a fun, safe and welcoming community for all!