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Mighty Kickers 

Ages 4-5


Ages 6-8


Ages 9-10


Ages 11-12

Club Volleyball Colorado

Mighty kickers 

This class is offered to all kids 4-5 years old. This class is perfect for kids that want to learn the approach to physical development, coordination, balance, agility, strength, and reaction time of soccer. We will play and practice with tons of drills and fun soccer games to gain excellent motor skills for the little ones. This class had an 8:1 ratio of athletes to instructiors.

Coed Beginner

This class is offered to all kids that are ages 6-8 years old. The beginner class is a 1-hour long class offering the beginning basics of passing, shooting, ball handing, and team plays. In addition to all their improvements in soccer, this class will help your child build confidence, strength, coordination, and balance in a fun, positive, and rewarding environment. This class has a 10:1 ratio of athletes to instructors.

Club Volleyball Colorado

Coed Intermediate 

The intermediate class is for ages 9-10 years old. This class is designed to meet the needs of an intermediate player. In this class, they will be challenged by a fun and safe curriculum and fast-paced environment through small, sided games and drills that cover the soccer intermediate skills. This class has a 10:1  ratio of athletes to instructors.

Coed Advanced

If your child has mastered the intermediate level of Achieve Soccer or is 11-12 years old and ready for a challenge, our 1-hour Advanced class is a great class to build the competitive soccer player or even just improving skills if you are not yet sure that competitive soccer is your path. In this class you will see our advanced coaches providing instruction with a fun, safe and challenging approach for our athletes. They will go over the more advanced skills of soccer and introduce the concepts of game like scenarios and knowledge of the game. This class has a 10:1 ratio of athletes to instructor.