Lacrosse is an exciting and fast-paced sport with a rich history, dating back centuries to Native American communities. Over the years, it has gained popularity, not only in the United States but also around the world. If you’re new to lacrosse and want to learn the basics of this thrilling sport, you’ve come to the right place.  


The Origins of Lacrosse

Lacrosse, known as “The Creator’s Game,” originated with Native American tribes and was played for various purposes, including as a form of recreation and as a means of resolving conflicts. The game has evolved significantly since then, and modern lacrosse is a combination of field and box lacrosse, each with its own set of rules and equipment. 

Understanding the Game

Lacrosse is typically played with two teams of ten players each, but the number of players can vary based on the level of play and the specific type of lacrosse being played. There are four key positions in lacrosse: 

Lacrosse has a unique set of rules that can seem complex to newcomers, but here are some fundamental rules to get you started: 

  • Attack: These players are responsible for scoring goals. They work together to create scoring opportunities.
  • Midfielders: Midfielders play both offense and defense and are critical to a team’s transition game.
  • Defense: The defensemen focus on preventing the opposing team from scoring. They use their sticks and bodies to keep attackers at bay.
  • Goalie: The goalie is the last line of defense, guarding the goal and stopping the opposing team from scoring.

Basic Rules:

Lacrosse has a unique set of rules that can seem complex to newcomers, but here are some fundamental rules to get you started: 

  • The game starts with a faceoff at the center of the field. 
  • Players must use their lacrosse sticks to carry, pass, and shoot the ball. 
  • Body checking is allowed, but there are specific rules about when and how it can be done. 
  • Teams must keep the ball in constant motion, or they may face turnovers. 
  • Scoring is done by shooting the ball into the opposing team’s goal.


    Proper equipment is essential in lacrosse for safety and performance. Here are the essential pieces of gear: 

    • Lacrosse Stick: Used for carrying, passing, and shooting the ball. 
    • Helmet: Protects the player’s head from injury. 
    • Gloves: Keep the hands and fingers safe during play. 
    • Shoulder Pads: Protect the upper body from checks and impacts.
    • Elbow Pads: Guard the player’s arms from checks. 
    • Cleats: Specialized shoes for traction on the field. 

      Lacrosse is a fantastic sport that combines athleticism, strategy, and teamwork. Whether you’re interested in playing lacrosse or just want to follow the sport, there’s always something exciting happening on the lacrosse field. So, grab a stick, and join lacrosse at Achieve Sports Center. We offer classes, camps & clinics, and open turf time. Contact us at 720-330-2200, or visit us at: 22675 E AURORA PARKWAY AURORA, CO 80016 for more information.